Our Raison D’Etre

Roy Kissin and Capital Capital love working with creative professionals. Maybe it’s because Roy was a creative pro himself. Or because creative professionals need a kind of empathy that’s hard to get from the typical financial advisor with the two-pound Rolex.

Whatever the reason, our happy family of clients includes a wide range of creative professionals. For them, money is not an end in itself. It’s a means to an end. That end could be a gleaming mansion on the hill, or a light-filled painting studio on the coast.

Screw the elitist, entitled attitude. Wealth is relative. It’s what you have, whether it’s 25K or 25 million. The trick is putting that money to work intelligently in alignment with your dreams. This is an analytical process. It’s also a creative and invigorating one, where we help you find the version of freedom and joy that coincides with your available resources. Paradise has many faces. Financial strain doesn’t enhance any of them.