Our “Process”

Some people love dealing with money. For many others, personal finance is a phantom hovering over their daily existence, casting a shadow of uncertainty over their future. Would you rather live with that spectre, or take it to task in the friendly confines of our comfortable offices?

The process is simple and painless. We get to know you intimately, then we work with you to give your dreams a cogent financial expression. All questions, large and small, are on the table. Do you go for it and buy the new house in Bolinas, or the silver Tesla? Or do you down-size and maintain a lifestyle that fits comfortably within your means? Can you fund your kids’ college and hang on to that bucolic vision of retirement with the sharpei and the indoor rifle range?

Chances are you can. You just have to sit down with us and devise the strategy. This process is ongoing. We keep a close eye on everything, communicate regularly and generally give you a sensation of lightness, confidence and contentment.